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Why use Tablets?

Tablets (iPads, iPods, Android tablets and Windows Surface tablets) provide opportunities for intuitive, flexible and exciting ways of working in the classroom.

They are portable, much easier to carry around from room to room than laptops or netbooks. Tablets take up a small area on a desk, they are easily switched on and off, no waiting to log on to a network. This means you can use them for a whole lesson or just a few minutes to enhance a targeted part of a lesson.

Users can master the basic functions of a tablet in minutes, there are numerous videos on YouTube of toddlers navigating their way around tablets with ease.

We believe the main reason to use tablets is to provide learners with the chance to be creators of content. Creating content requires higher order thinking skills and means learners are more likely to retain the skills and knowledge they use. It also helps teachers deliver exciting, memorable learning experiences. Tablets allow users to create high quality video, music, animation, posters, digital books, programs, games, and comics to name a few. Our Which Apps page will show you the apps we think are the most valuable to use.