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Chicken Coop Fractions

Estimate the decimal equivalent of each fraction by placing it on a number line

DeviceiPad, iPod
Excel Online

Create, edit and share Excel spreadsheets.

KS2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
Explain Everything

Draw on the screen, import images and documents and write notes over them. Record your voice, save slides as images or video files. Imports from and exports to Dropbox, skydrive and Google Drive. Probably the most powerful and versatile app you could use.

For Maths, pupils and teachers can record calculation strategies and save the videos for others to watch. Take photos of questions and  use the pens, laser and highlight to pick out key information  then explain a solution step by step. Teachers and children can photograph childrens’ work and record an assessment. Import pictures and talk through sorting them in a Venn diagram.  Endless uses and possibilities.

Fill The Cup

Four games covering different concepts. Use rods to learn how to add numbers together.

Fill the cup using equivalent fractions. Balance 1 is addition and Balance 2 is multiplication.

DeviceiPad, iPod
KS1, KS2
Foundation Maths

Aimed at EYFS children the free version has sixty questions. The questions can be tapped on to be read out.

Grid Mult

An app for reinforcing and practicing the grid method. Two different levels.

DeviceiPad, iPod
I am Learning Maths

I am learning: KS2 Maths is an entertaining and engaging game based revision and assessment tool, 

DeviceiPad, iPod

Click here to watch our short video tutorial (login needed).

Free with iPads purchased after September 2014. Can be used for video, time lapse and slideshows. One of the most important apps for teachers to use on their iPads.

Shoot, edit and upload your film all in one app. Create high quality trailers from the pre –made templates. You can take photos or import them to create a slideshow and record your own audio.

For Maths, Record pupils working through questions on whiteboards. Fim pupils responses to questions for use in data handling work. Create slideshows of real life examples of shapes. Record people in school posing real life Maths questions such as the caretaker, cook, business admin.

DeviceiPad, iPod
Interactive Time Telling

Interactive Telling Time is great for kids from ages 3 to 12 and comes in 5 difficulty levels so that it helps kids master telling time progressively (statistics is provided to help keep track of your child’s progress).

Beautifully illustrated with many adorable clock designs and accompanied by encouraging voice-overs and cheerful background music, this app creates a kid-friendly environment to enhance their learning experience.

The free version has less games and activities

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android
KS1, KS2
King of Maths

Collection of Maths games aimed at practising addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers, equations and geometry.

DeviceiPad, iPod
Long Division Touch

This app steps you through long division before setting you questions. Uses the bus stop method.

DeviceiPad, iPod
Maths Facts : number bonds & fact families

Maths Facts will help you to learn your addition and subtraction facts or your Number Bonds and Facts Families up to 20. With a series of fun and easy-to-play games you can quickly start exploring addition and subtraction facts

DeviceiPad, iPod
KS1, KS2, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
MathsTappers: Number Line

Place the whole numbers in the correct place on the number line.

DeviceiPad, iPod
KS1, KS2



Loads of free maths apps

EYFS, KS1, KS2, EYFS, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6

Put the percentages, fractions and decimals in the right place on the line

DeviceiPad, iPod

Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. Created exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Numbers includes support for Multi-Touch gestures and Smart Zoom so you can create powerful spreadsheets using just your fingers. 

DeviceiPad, iPod
KS2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6

NumBlox is cuisenaire rods - number blocks - for mobile devices!

Standard number blocks 1-10 in standard cuisenaire colors.

Or choose pretty rainbow, or Math-U-See-inspired pastel colors.

Standard cyan graph paper - unit grid, 5-and-1, or blank background.

Math-appropriate graphite pencil with eraser.

Blocks stack! Clearer expression of "subtract".

Number display while moving blocks. Or always, or never.

Tap to rotate block.



o Rotate device - edit in landscape or portrait orientation.

KS2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
Pic Collage

Take photos and add to a collage. Add text. Simple and easy to use. Create a collage of the real life 3D shapes in school. Make a poster stepping through a calculation

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android
Roman Numerals

This app provides an easy way of converting Roman numerals into more understandable numbers and vice versa. Use it when you cannot quite work out the age of a building or to resolve disputes about the year in which a TV programme was made!

KS2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6

Similar to Explain Everything but not quite as versatile. Record your screen whilst explaining a concept or commenting on a piece of work. Save your work as a video file. Save your work as a video file in the camera roll that can be exported to Dropbox/Google Drive/ Skydrive

KS1, KS2