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Book Creator

Click here to warch our short video tutorial (login needed)

This is the only app to consider for creating digital books. Don't put the free one on your iPads as you can only make one book and yopu need to delete everything to start over again. If there is one app that is worth paying then this it it.

KS1, KS2
Doodle Buddy

Draw and paint and add stamps, export to the camera roll. You can collaborate with other users on the same wifi network too.

DeviceiPad, iPod
Explain Everything

Draw on the screen, import images and documents and write notes over them. Record your voice, save slides as images or video files. Imports from and exports to Dropbox, skydrive and Google Drive. Probably the most powerful and versatile app you could use.

For Maths, pupils and teachers can record calculation strategies and save the videos for others to watch. Take photos of questions and  use the pens, laser and highlight to pick out key information  then explain a solution step by step. Teachers and children can photograph childrens’ work and record an assessment. Import pictures and talk through sorting them in a Venn diagram.  Endless uses and possibilities.

Google Drive

Work together to create documents and spreadsheets on different devices at the same time.

Use the Google Docs element of Google drive to create simple documents. More than one person can write and edit, work can be shared with teachers for commenting and marking.  Includes speech recogntition so words sentences can  be dictated

 Also accessible on computers. You need a Google account to use Drive. Sign up for a Google account to use with your class or speak to us about setting up your school with Google Apps for Education


Padlet is not an app but a web site. Go to and create a board. You choose a simple web address that pupils can go to. They can add ideas to the board in the form of sticky notes to collect ideas.