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Sharing Content

We are often asked how you get to move files to and from your iPads. If a pupil creates a superb poster is there a way of getting this document onto your school network to save it or print it? Can I save some photos from a shared area so all my class can access them on their tablets to use in their work?

The answer to these questions is yes. You can to one of a number of cloud based storage colutions to transfer content. The DFE has produced a document called Cloud Services and the Data Protection Act.  Both Google Apps for Education and Microsoft OneDrive have completed this self certfication form. This will give you information regarding who owns the data, where it is stored and more besides. We would recommend you use one of these two forms of cloud storage as they have completed this information. 

These programs put a small folder on your computer. When you save anything in that folder it’s also stored online. Any laptop or tablet that is signed in to the same account can access the same files. If you download a free app and sign in to the same account you can transfer files to and from all your tablets.  


Another solution is an app that links directly to a folder on your network. You can use the freeFile Explorer app or the paid File Browser app to do this.



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