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Setting Up

  • The Innovation Centre can offer advice on which tablets could have the most beneficial impact upon your children’s learning.
  • As well as buying the tablets you should also consider the cost of screen protectors and cases for each tablet. How will they be stored? How will you charge them? How are you going to manage the content? We can give you advice on storage, charging and syncing solutions.
  • The Innovation Centre has a state of the art etching machine. For a small cost per device we can etch your school logo, phone number and post code onto any tablet or laptop.
  • You’ll also need to consider which paid apps you are going to buy. Schools and businesses now have to pay for every copy of every Apple paid app. In order to do this your school will need to register with the Apple Volume Purchase Programme. We are familiar with this process and can guide you through setting up your devices. 
  • Another consideration is mirroring. How are you going to display content from your device on to the board with and without a cable? Please see our displaying content page for all the information you need. You’ll need to factor in the cost of software and cables for this.