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UK Safer Internet Centre Advice for Parents and carers

Parents and carers play a key role in supporting children to learn about how to stay safe online, and they are one of the first people children turn to if things go wrong. We know it can be difficult to stay on top of the wide range of sites and devices that young people use, so we hope that this site helps.

Vodafone Digital Parenting

The technology timeline for kids and teens is far from straightforward. Not every seven year old / 10 year old / 15 year old uses the same technologies – it depends on things like how mature they are, what their parents’ views are and what devices they have access to at home, at school and at their friends’ houses.
With this in mind, we decided not to divide all the contents of Digital Parenting by age group. But we do understand that it can be helpful to have specific advice by age, so we’ve pulled together some key action points to help your son or daughter enjoy their digital world and stay safer at various ages.

We’ve started with an ‘essentials’ checklist for parents of children of any age, which highlights the actions you should take for your whole family. Then we have suggestions for parents with children of different ages.

These are by no means definitive lists (the tech world moves far too quickly to be able to promise that!) but they’re a good starting point. We hope you find them useful.

Vodaphone Parents Magazine

You can view the superb Vodafone Digital Parenting site here. You can also download a copy of the magazine.