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Printing from Tablets


Below we've listed the main ways to print from tablets.



1. AirPrint from Apple


Apple has developed a technology called Airprint, this enables printers with airprint installed to print straight from iPads. A list of Airprint printers is available here .


2. Free Apps from Printer Manufacturers

Most printer manufacturers have now developed their own free apps for printing directly from iPads, iPod Touches and Android Tablets. Here are links to the free apps from the main manufacturers. You will need to check that your printer is compatible with the app.There are two ways that the printing works.

Method A: This involves simply installing the app on the iPad. You then select your printer and print away.  The following apps use this method.

Olivetti for Apple devices                                      Olivetti for Android Tablets

Epsom for Apple Devices

Ricoh for Apple devices                                        Ricoh for Android Tablets

Canon for Apple devices                                  

Samsung for Apple devices                                  Samsung for Android tablets

HP for Apple devices                                             

HP for Android tablets



Method B: Involves installing the app and installing a program on a PC. The app sends the print job to the computer which then prints to the default printer. This is used by the printer apps listed below.

Xerox for Apple devices    Xerox for Android Tablets



3. Third Party Software


There are other pieces of software that will print to any printer on your network. These also involve installing an app on each iPad and software on your computer. They are not free as they incur a monthly charge.

Collobos Presto is a program you install on a PC that makes it’s printer visible to iPads and Chromebooks . When you print a document it sends it to the PC, which then prints it out to its default printer.


The Print n Share app costs £2.99 and will print from any wi fi enables printer if you also install the free software on a computer wirelessly linked to your printer. The app interface is not the easiest to use though.


Thinprint Printer on Google Play for Android or for IPads, iPhones and iPod Touches

Install the computer software here.