Curriculum Innovation Premium Services

Premium Services allows access to the provision below. Please note some provision is available separately as priced.

The Curriculum Innovation team’s website provides as much ‘free’ provision as possible but some resources are costly to develop and are now located behind login as Curriculum Online. This provision is very popular with schools and new content is added on a termly basis
The present provision includes:

Computing Curriculum Framework. Our interactive primary online scheme of work allows quick access to relevant resources through a click of a mouse including a growing library of short and medium term lesson plans and resources.

Digital Master Class videos. Over 70 short instructional/exemplar videos developed to help you and your children utilise new and emerging technologies effectively across the curriculum.

Gamemaker’s Toolkit. This is an open ended resource that provides scaffolding and ideas through simple video tutorials enabling children to design and create their own arcade style games.

(Premium Services only)

Every year we contact Santa and his army of elves to arrange Skype broadcasts with schools allowing the children to have a chat with the ‘big man’ before Christmas. These sessions are always extremely popular so book your session early!

(Premium Services only)

Over the course of the year children and teachers can access online resources to create games on Kodu, Scratch, Construct, Hopscotch and other programming software. The festivalgives pupils the opportunity to play each others’ games and vote for winners in different categories. There is an opportunity to meet and talk to professionals working in the gaming industry to learn more about how games are created. The Gaming Festival is a celebration event where children can present and share the games they have created.

(Premium Services only)
We publish regular eGuides detailing how to master a specific technology and use it effectively to raise engagement or attainment across the curriculum. Each guide will include a mini case study from local schools.

The Curriculum Innovation Service’s Innovation Centre houses a range of digital technology boxes that schools can hire over short periods via our digital technology box loan service. This enables teachers to utilise and test technology in their school before committing to invest or to access technology they only use for a few weeks of the year cost effectively. Full details of all our loan boxes are on the website and can be booked online. Premium Service schools receive a discount on all loan box costs.

Schools who subscribe to Premium Services will be able to claim 20% off any conferences we deliver during the academic year.

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