Minecraft Tales


Minecraft is a Lego style adventure resource that allows children to use their imaginations to explore and create wonderful worlds, engaging characters and endless stories. Last year the team delivered Minecraft storytelling workshops to over 300 children at a young film makers conference in Leeds. This allowed children to use Minecraft to create an environment and characters for a short story.

They then used screen capture software to create a video of their story that they narrated. Minecraft Tales is based on the success of these sessions and is designed to enable children to create short narratives using predefined ned Minecraft Worlds as a stimulus and scaffold for writing.

The sessions are designed for a teacher and 3 children who will share the same world but create their own versions of the story.

Content of the two half day sessions
• Overview of Minecraft and how to interact and explore worlds.
• Set the scene, characterisation and the creation of conflict resolution opportunities within the Minecraft world.
• Use free screen capture software and simple narration to create a video resource to scaffold each part of the story.
• Create a written narrative of the story using the short videos created as a stimulus for writing.
• Share their writing with others for peer reflection.
• Create a polished short video of the story using writing to create a high quality narration that is overlaid onto the video and shared with others online for peer review.

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