Local Context

In 2013 the council carried out a Children and Young People Lifestyle Survey targeting all Y4, Y7 and Y10 children across the authority.

There were several questions on the survey with regard to the use of the Internet and technology by these pupils as summarised below.

  • 79% of all pupils said that they communicate with friends and family online, 12% said that they communicate with strangers who they met online. The percentage of pupils who talk to strangers online is highest among year 10 pupils with 17%.
  • 18% of Year 4 pupils use social networks and this increases to 46% in Year 7 and 77% in Year 10.
  • 13% of secondary school pupils reported people had said bad things or written unpleasant things online, this was highest among year 10 females.
  • Half of all secondary pupils said that they were given advice about sharing their personal information online.
  • 35% of pupils were taught about viruses, and 33% have been advised about identity theft.

It is clear that children are engaging with technology and particualrly gaming and social media technologies at very young ages and we need to ensure that as educators and parents we understand how to ensure they are utilising these technologies safely and responsibly.

We have developed online (e)Safeguarding surveys that you can provide to specific year groups, the whole school, staff and parents to enable you to get an accurate local picture of the technology use and online behaviours of your local community. The results can inform your (e)Safeguarding provision and you can then measure the impact of this provision by using the surveys annually. 

Details of this can be find on the (e)Safeguarding survey menu.