In School Provision

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to teach more complex parts of the Computing Curriculum, particularly certain aspects of Computer Science. As part of our offering to schools we can bring the world of computing into your school and can offer a variety of delivery models including:-

  • Whole class teaching (£200 for a half day)
  • Coding Clubs, either during the school day or after school club (£75 per session) max 15 pupils or 6 sessions for £300
  • Sessions in the school holidays (£300 per day) max 20 pupils based on 1 consultant delivering (school can charge pupils to recover costs / use Pupil Premium funds) 
  • Please contact us for further information

  • We can offer a wide variety of computer based activities that will stimulate, educate and engage your pupils and cover large areas of the Computing Curriculum and these include:
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Film Making
  • Games Creation
  • Interactive Writing
  • Music Making
  • Physical Computing
  • Robotics
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