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Laser Etching

Most schools give children access to a range of paint Apps / software allowing pupils to create simple images however, fewer schools allow children to create art work using vector graphic software. This type of software allows the lines and shapes used to be manipulated, copied, pasted, rotated and flipped.
Such artwork can be easily scaled and is used to create simple diagrams, schematics and signs. We will introduce the children to some simple vector graphic software to create a black and white image / diagram that meets the brief of the school. This could be designing a sign, creating a personal bag tag, a logo for the school or an item the school wants to sell as part of an enterprise project. Once completed the item can be laser etched or cut inhouse onto a material of your choice.


Cost: £100 (£80 subscribing schools) max 6 children or £300 (£275 subscribing schools) max 32 children

Please contact us on 01274 434818 to book your session