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CodeBug Experience

Most schools give children access to coding opportunities using software such as Scratch and Kodu. Some schools are able to offer access to physical computing activities using technology such as Lego EV3s, Makey Makeys and Raspberry Pi’s. The CodeBug Experience enables children to use the low cost CodeBug to create an object with a CodeBug embedded in it, for example as a piece of wearable technology. After programming the CodeBug the children get to keep and use the object they have made. If they wish they can reprogram and repurpose the CodeBug for another activity at a later date. CodeBug uses a simple online editor to build up the necessary code that controls an LED to show simple graphics and text.

This session is designed along similar lines to our Learning with Learners sessions where a member of staff attends a half-day session with up to six children.

The Codebug has 25 LEDs built in to the design that can be programmed to make patterns and words and the session will introduce the online editor (with simulator so you can test code without a physical Codebug) and how to programme the LEDs. The children can then work independently or in groups to create their own LED sequence that is then downloaded to the CodeBug to run on the device. Below is a video showing how a CodeBug can be integrated into a Christmas decoration and we will be running a session in December based on this.


Children can keep the CodeBug to take back to school (£15 per CodeBug) and they can then reuse the CodeBug at any time back at school by creating some new code through the free online editor.

Schools have created CodeBugs that act as badges that children wear with their names flashing across the device or a repeating pattern and these badges can be used as a way to celebrate success in schools where the badge is allocated to a child who has achieved a specific outcome that week.  The following week the CodeBug can be reprogrammed for another child to wear as a reward for their success in a specific curriculum area. A group of Digital Leaders at school could take responsibility for the regular coding of the device.

All sessions are delivered at the Innovation Centre in Bradford.

Cost: £100 (£80 subscribing schools) max 6 children or £300 (£275 subscribing schools) max 32 children

Please contact us on 01274 434818 to book your session

Please note that the cost of a CodeBug is £15 and where a school wants to keep the CodeBug for the school / child this cost will be charged to the school. Alternatively you can bring your own CodeBugs to the session and use them.