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3D Printing Experience

In this session the children will be introduced to the concept of Computer Aided Design (CAD) using Tinkercad (free online software) to create a 3D artefact that meets the brief of the school. Recently we have used the software with schools to create badges for Digital Leaders, temples and artefacts linked to history topics, create mini mascots and 3D creatures. The activity helps support a range of mathematical concepts including scale, length, weight, volume and geometry. Once the designs are completed they are then printed on our inhouse 3D printer and sent to the school. If the school wishes to do further 3D printing at their school they can loan our smaller 3D printer (subscribing schools only) to achieve this.

This session is designed along similar lines to our Learning with Learners sessions where a member of staff attends a half-day session with up to six children.

The first part of the session will introduce the Tinkercad software and how 3D shapes can be created using the standard tools and then grouped to create more complex shapes. We will also explore how holes can be created in our designs and how to create embossed and debossed effects.


We will then discuss the school brief. This can be any 3D shape with a maximum volume of a 10cm cube. Further examples include Greek, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking, Victorian and Egyptian artefacts.

Some schools have used the 3D printer to create objects linked to an enterprise project such as a coaster for a cup, book marks, chess pieces, egg cup, various objects with the school logo on, mobile phone case, pieces for home-made board games, etc.

Cost: £100 (£80 subscribing schools) max 6 children or £300 (£275 subscribing schools) max 32 children

Please contact us on 01274 434818 to book your session


Please note there is no extra cost for the materials used to 3D print the designs created and that the designs would be printed after the session and posted out to school (normally within a week).