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Bradford’s Computing Curriculum

The video below will tell you how to get started with our scheme of work. Please contact us if you need any further help or information.

Please note we now recommend replacing our eSafeguarding and Information Literacy Strands with the free Project Evolve Online Safety Curriculum.




The Computing Curriculum has been split into three specific aspects. These aspects are Digital Literacy, Computer Science and Applying Technology. Two of the aspects are broken down into strands. The Digital Literacy strand includes Information Literacy and (e)Safeguarding. The Computer Science aspect is a strand in itself and the Applying Technology aspect includes Media and Data Handling.

Digital Literacy has 2 strands:
Information Literacy-This strand focusses on searching for information and checking it's accuracy and plausibilbilty

(e)Safeguarding- This strand is focussed on teaching pupils to communicate safely and respectfully online as well as protecting themselves and others from online threats. This strand could be easily incorporated into your school's PHSCE/SEAL curriculum.

Computer Science is 1 strand.

Applying Technology includes 2 strands:
Data Handling.