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Raising Attainment Across the Curriculum

Our consultants have a proven track record of enabling schools to utilise technologies safely and effectively to raise attainment across the curriculum specifi cally in Primary schools. They can work with you to understand the learning outcomes you wish to achieve and then enable you to plan, deliver and evaluate a specific curriculum area utilising existing or new technology.

We have specialist experience using devices including iPads, Android tablets, laptops, netbooks, Chromebooks, digital cameras, IWBs, visualisers and content including software, Apps and web 2.0 resources. We have been very successful raising attainment and engagement in English and Mathematics by recording and sharing children’s work digitally, developing personalised learning opportunities and encouraging peer to peer review using QRcodes and blogs.

We have enabled the effective use of some under used aspects of the Computing curriculum such as spreadsheets, sensing equipment and databases to develop high level thinking and problem solving activities in Mathematics and Science.