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Deploying and Managing Mobile Devices

The Curriculum Innovation team has a reputation for being at the forefront of using mobile technology effectively in education. Pictures, sound clips, video, animation and other creative tools open new approaches that meet different learner needs. Linking devices and content between learners fosters small group collaboration and peer learning, while personal ownership of a device has been proven to encourage a greater sense of responsibility. Our team can help you ensure your investment in mobile technologies achieves your identified outcomes in a cost effective and sustainable manner by outlining all the issues you need to consider including:
• What is the specific focus for your investment in mobile technology? For example raising attainment in a subject, retaining pupil numbers, reducing the digital divide, ensuring equitable 24-7 access to computers for pupils etc.
• Is your IT infrastructure, including wireless capability and Internet connectivity, sufficient to enable the quick and effective use of the devices you are planning to purchase?
• Is this infrastructure scalable so that increasing  numbers of devices can be added as necessary in a cost effective manner?
• Have you got a 3-5 year development plan that accurately represents the number of wireless devices  that might be added to your present infrastructureand includes reference and details of a ‘mixed economy’ mobile technology approach?
• What type of mobile devices (iPads, other tablets, chromebooks, laptops, netbooks, etc.) are you thinking of using and do they give you access to the Apps, content and creativity tools you need?
• Relevant to your setting is the device robust enough, is the battery life suffi cient and what is the expected useful life expectancy of your device?
• How will you manage these devices with regard to security settings, purchasing and deploying content and accessing content across devices, platforms and in the cloud?
• Have you engaged relevant parents with your vision for a mobile learning project? 
• How much initial training and support will be available for staff and pupils?
• How will you continue to develop staff and pupil capability to ensure your project is sustainable?
• Will this involve support with planning and lesson delivery to ensure they are used effectively and encourage the development and adoption of new and existing pedagogy?
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