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Computing Curriculum

Consultants in the team have years of experience working with schools to ensure their Computing curriculum provision meets the requirements of the DfE. The team continue to develop the Bradford Scheme of Work for Primary Computing and this now covers all elements of the Primary Computing curriculum and specifi cally guidance, examples and resources to support delivery of the coding elements. The team have created a vast range of short video tutorials to support their consultancy services and these have proved very popular with all partners. The team continually work with other organisations including NAACE and CAS to ensure their knowledge and understanding is as relevant as possible. We can deliver Learning with Learners sessions for children and staff introducing and modelling aspects of the new Computing curriculum.
We have a range of provision available to enable staff and pupils to access and effectively utiilse all the programming elements of the Computing curriculum. This includes unplugged activities developing a knowledge of algorithms in everyday school life. Our bank of online videos support a range of appropriate programming languages such as Scratch and Kodu showing how to create and debug simple and complex code. We also offer access and opportunities to work on physical computing devices not always available in schools such as the Raspberry Pi, Lego EV3s, Contructabots, Wedos, Picoboards and the Makey Makey.
There are several free Code Clubs resources that rely on members of the community with a coding background to engage with the school. We provide training, resources and support to enable any interested teacher to successfully run a code club through Code Club Bitesize and The Ministry of Games.
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