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Using technology to raise attainment and engagement in Mathematics at KS2 (Full Day)

On November 09, 2017 09:15 until November 09, 2017 15:30

Many aspects of the Computing National Curriculum can be delivered effectively within the Mathematics Curriculum raising engagement and attainment within the subject. Using databases, spreadsheets and data logging can be purposefully utilised to support Number, Measurement and Statistics. Children can demonstrate their learning by creating digital media content capturing mathematical calculations and problems that can be shared with others and used for revision.

The course content will be very hands on and include:
• Exploring how children can record and review their ‘working out’ using concrete and abstract methods
• Modelling ways children can explain, annotate and explore methods of calculation to support mastery.
• Understanding how children can create and share videos demonstrating their understanding of calculation and share these through QR codes.
• Creating, accessing, interpreting and sharing a range of data in digital tables and graphs.
• Using data in spreadsheets to predict and hypothesise ideas and trends.
• Investigating how creating and printing 3D designs can support understanding in Geometry and Measurement.
• Exploring how simple animations can develop understanding of Fractions, Decimals and Ratio.

Audience: KS2 teachers, teachers responsible for teaching KS2 Maths and Maths subject leaders.