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Gaming Festival 2019

Our second Gaming Festival takes place on the afternoon of the 9th of July at the Innovation Centre. It’s open to subscriber schools who have premium services.

This year we'll be running two competitions and providing fun, hands on activities for children to take part in. 

We’d love as many schools as possible to submit games and artwork. You can see the categories and criteria below.

We will provide entries for the following competitions.

  1. Best game.
  2. Best character drawing and description.

Please note that we need all games and artwork to be submitted by Friday 28 June.  We will not be able to extend this deadline.


Competition Categories and Criteria


Best game.

Games can be created using any software as long as there is a coding element involved. For example, Scratch, Tickle, Kodu, Construct 2 would all be acceptable. 

Content must be suitable for a primary school audience.

Any genre including, platform, shooter, driving, simulators, story based sports, maze, puzzle and so on. Text based adventures and quizzes are also acceptable.

Games can be made by individuals or teams.

Games can be made at home or school.

All games must be created by pupils entering the competition and not by others or copied from online sources. In Scratch games cannot be remixes.

All art and sound work must be copyright free. is a great source of copyright free images, Incompetech is a great source for copyright free music.

At present we are not limiting how many games schools can submit. We may have to shortlist the games if we have a large number.

Best Character Drawing and Description

This can be created digitally using painting or drawing software. It can also be drawn by hand using traditional methods.

This must be accompanied by text to explain who this character is. This can be up to 200 words. Drawings on their own will not be accepted.

Content must be suitable for a primary school audience.

This must be an original character rather than one copied from an existing game.

This can be submitted digitally or by post.

This can be linked to a submitted game in the best game category but it does not need to be.

You can also attend without submitting anything for the competitions.

Logistics for the Day

The session will start at 1.15 p.m prompt and finish at 3.15 p.m. You can bring four pupils to the event. There won't be any lunch provided but if you want to bring packed lunches, arrive earlier and eat them that's fine. If you need a risk assessment for the centre it can be found here. Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions.


To book your place please complete our Online Registration Form