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(e)Safeguarding in the Primary School (3 Days)

On June 11, 2018 09:15 until June 11, 2018 15:30

Whole school (e)Safeguarding sits firmly in the area of safeguarding and expectations from the DfE and Ofsted have been clearly documented in publications from both organisations in recent years. In many schools the responsibility of (e)Safeguarding has been passed to the Computing subject leader and unless they are a member of the SLT they are not in a position to lead this area effectively. Early in the course we discuss and identify clear roles and responsibilities for (e)Safeguarding across the whole school ensuring there is a team of relevant staff to take responsivity rather than an individual.

The course content will include:

• Understand the risks relating to (e)Safeguarding in the primary setting and identify roles and responsibilities within the staff at your school.
• Using the SWGfL 360 degree safe online audit tool to evaluate your school’s (e)Safeguarding provision.
• Reviewing your present provision with regard to passwords, secure login to networks, connectivity, filtering, monitoring and Wi-Fi.
• Investigating and exploring a range of curriculum resources to enable the design and delivery of an appropriate Online Safety Curriculum meeting the needs of the new Computing Curriculum.

Over the three days, attendees will create, deliver and evaluate a detailed (e)Safeguarding action plan leading to achieving the SWGfL Online Safety Mark.

NB This is a three day course and is held on 31/01/2018, 20/03/17 & 11/06/2018

Audience: Staff with responsibility for Safeguarding and SLT responsible for Computing / online safety