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  Newsletter 27  16 January 2019  


In this week's newsletter:

Edtech Conf - 25 June 2018

English is the focus for this year's EdTech conference.  There will be opportunities to listen to, learn from and take part in hands on sessions with practitioners from Bradford and across the U.K.

Our keynote will be delivered by local legend Philip Webb who will be looking at how technology can be integrated easily and creatively into teaching sequences in English, and in reading and writing across the curriculum. He will suggest ideas about how digital and analogue methods can work in harmony in the modern curriculum and how important a visual approach is for many of our children.

Further details of the conference and how to book your place will be announced shortly.

BLN Customers - EducationCity feedback required

As part of the BLN4 renewal we need to understand what additional services schools would like us to offer as a collaborative purchase.  Previously, we have offered EducationCity but need to understand if that is still what schools would like.  Indicative pricing indicates that the price would be very similar to what schools paid previously, but with additional content included.  Please complete the form below stating whether you would be interested in renewing your EducationCity subscription or not as part of a BLN4 contract. The responses we receive will determine whether we proceed so please complete the form either way - note you are simply expressing an interest and not entering into a formal commitment. 

Please click here to complete the form.

Gaming Festival - Mon 2 July 

Chances are when you create games with children you’ll be using Scratch. This is the ‘go to’ software for most programming teaching. Tickle is a free iPad app that can be used to make programs. Sign in to to access the resources below.

Getting started with Tickle and the Game Maker’s Toolkit for Tickle can both be found in the list of teaching guides. The Game Maker’s Toolkit for Tickle, which contains a wealth of video tutorials to enable children to make games independently, can be found in the Online Tutorials section of our resources page. There is also a separate version of the Game Maker’s Toolkit for Tickle that children can access without logging in. This can be found at

If you have questions about these resources, how to create games with Tickle or anything else related to the festival contact or for mre details click here.

The new world of Artificial Intelligence and Robots is nearly here - Event Tue 22 May

When today’s primary school children finish their education we expect over 50% of today’s jobs to be gone.  Robot rallying is the first of a series of Bradford projects to develop the new educational skills and interests that will lead into employment in the new economy of the 4th Industrial Revolution with its new jobs. Hopefully we will achieve this before all the current jobs are destroyed by the new technology.

For today’s primary school children their adult world will include autonomous cars, buses and trucks. Bradford is a leading centre for the development of self-driving cars and their software. Robot Rally's first steps will introduce your pupils to models of self-driving cars. You will get a working model car with basic software and a track. The challenge for your pupils is to hack into the Scratch software (developed for primary schools) to make it go quicker. How do you use the 5 sensors to keep on the line and react to sharp changes in direction without falling off the line and getting lost?

This opportunity is for Y5/6 pupils - if you are interested in taking part we have a teacher's introduction event on Tue 22 May at 4pm at the Innovation Centre Bradford. Click here to register. A Face to Face Event Robot Rallying First Steps will take place at The Innovation Centre on Thu 5 July at 9am. For further information contact John Baruch, Project Lead, on 07899022049 or email John on  Please pass details of this opportunity on to your science department.

STEM - Using technology to create an engaging & purposeful Science Curriculum 21& 22 Jun

This 2 day residential course to be delivered at The National STEM Centre York is being held on 21 & 22 June. Your school may be eligible for a bursary to cover the full cost of this high impact CPD - to find out more about how this works visit This CPD will allow you to explore various forms of digital technology and their applications for use in science. We will look at educational apps, recording, presenting and data handling software and examine how these tools can be used independently by children to support their own learning. This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. To find out more and to book your place click here.

In School Opportunities

It is sometimes difficult to teach more complex parts of the Computing Curriculum, particularly certain aspects of Computer Science. As part of our service we can bring the world of computing into your school as we offer a variety of computer based activities to stimulate, educate and engage your pupils with the Computing Curriculum:-

Augmented and Virtual Reality, Film Making, Games Creation, Interactive Writing, Music Making, Physical Computing, Robotics

These activities can be delivered in a variety of ways:-

Whole class teaching , Coding Clubs during the school day or after school , School holiday sessions. Please visit our dedicated pages for more information.








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