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BLN4 Contract Registration

All contracts run until 31 March 2022

This section informs you how to complete your online contract renewal and what happens next.

Things to think about before you start completing the form:
1.  Do you know what size bandwidth you require?
2.  Have you thought about management of your services such as webfiltering change requests?
3.  Would you like any extras such as desktop monitoring software or EducationCity?
4.  Do all your current filtering policies work how you want them to or does your Smoothwall box need re-building?
5.  Do you know how many FTE pupils you have?
6.  Do you kow your school DfE number and postcode?
7.  If you are an academy chain completing a besopke contract, do you have your quote reference number?

Completing the online form
Once you start completing the form you cannot save it and return to it later so it is important that you have carefully considered all of your options beforehand.  You will be able change elements of your contract during the contract period, for example you may want to upgrade from 40Mb to 50Mb mid-contract if your usage increases.  However, it would be beneficial to get your contract as accurate as possible from the start.

Important – You need to read the Terms and Conditions and Code of Connection before you start completing the form.  Links to these can be found at the bottom of this page.

By confirming that you have read the Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to contract to the Bradford Learning Network until 31 March 2022.  You are also agreeing to the Code of Connection, a breach of which could result in your school connection being terminated.

Current customers will recieve their first invoice for BLN4 in April 2019   New BLN4 customers will receive a pro rata invoice from the date the connection is activated until 31 March. Thereafter, you will be invoiced annually on 1 April.

What happens next?
Once your form is submitted you will receive an automatic email confirming the contract options you have chosen.  Once the contract has been signed with our supliers, you will receive a confirmation of your contract via post which will include any information on any next steps you may need to undertake. Any amendments you wish to make after completion of the online form must be emailed to a member of the team within 30 days of the form being submitted.

BLN4 Services Agreement and T&C's.
BLN4 Code of Connection 


To complete your contract please click here

If you are an Academy Chain signing up to a bespoke contract please click here