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Bespoke Subscriptions 2017- 2018

The bespoke calculator is designed to allow schools to strategically plan and create a 'custom built' package of provision to meet their CPD needs for the next academic year from the Curriculum Innovation service.

Click here for the  Bespoke Calculator

This is a summary of all subscription provision and the associated costs which can be used to design a bespoke subscription package. With this you can choose the number of meetings, courses and consultancy days you need. If you require access to our interactive scheme of work in curriculum online then you need to choose the Premium Services option. 

The online calculator for Bespoke Subscriptions is available here and can be used to model your needs and subscription costs simply by filling in the appropriate quantities.

We recommend that you first talk to one of our Innovation Consultants before completing the calculator to ensure the needs of your school are fully met by the subscription package.

Please note that the bespoke subscription allows you to create a package that includes a wider selection of the team’s provision than contained in the standard subscriptions, allowing you to make further savings to your budget

Once you have agreed your bespoke package, print the page out for your own records by pressing the Print button then press the Submit button. When you have submitted your form you will be returned to the subscription menu and recieve a copy of your form by email.

We will get in touch with you as soon as we can to confirm your subscription.