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Create Virtual Reality Worlds

Co Spaces is an online tool you can use with your class to create and explore virtual reality worlds. It can be used on Chromebooks, PCs, iPads and phones. There are two versions. Co Spaces Maker, which is free and Co Spaces Edu which is paid. This tutorials use the free version. The paid version gives teachers control over pupils accounts and contains lots more content to add to your worlds. Follow these guides to see how you can use this with your class. You can also view a short PDF guide here.


Update: CoSpaces have withdrawn their free iPad app. You can still use Co Spaces EDU app which is a paid product costing €75 for 50 users.

A Basic Introduction.

Viewing your Worlds on laptops, Chromebooks or iPads. Sharing your worlds with a wider audience using links, embedding and QR codes.

Controlling the Camera in Co Spaces

Adding sounds. How to record your own sounds or add copyright free background music.

Coding. Program your characters to move, speak, think, interact and more.

Adding Scenes Use scenes to tell different parts of the story by changing the backgrounds, characters, objects, lighting and camera angles.

Kensuke's Kingdom. An example of how to use Co Spaces to create a virtual reality world based on a text.



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